Pro-Stitcher Premium Day 1

For the best classroom experience, bring your mouse and your Pro-Stitcher tablet or a second laptop with Pro-Stitcher Premium Simulator pre-loaded

Pro-Stitcher Premium: What’s new and where’d they put that? What is “Simulator” and how do I use it?

Tabs and program defaults How do I install updates?

Open/Save: Designs, Areas, Workspaces

All about Area – 2-corner, multi point, save and transform Working with Blocks, Borders & Corners

Edit – copy/paste, duplicate

Modify – rotate, reposition, resize, align, skew How to determine stitch order

Linda Gosselin

Pro-Stitcher Premium Day 1

$ 125.00
Includes lunch

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Address: 1963 Old Highway 2
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                 K8N 4Z2 Canada
Hours:     Mon-Sat: 9:30 - 5:00
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